Are Film Schools Really The Way Forward?

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Today’s society has gradually evolved into a future of modern art, music and film production to express and portray ethnicity, cultural aspects and personality. Although a debateable issue, the topic of film school can be recreated into many opinionated responses.

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Is film school just a waste of time and money?

In the industry of film, schools specialised in this era seem as if the future is bleak. But is film education a waste of time and money? The aftermath of going to a film school is that at the very least, pupils will receive a diploma, ensuring that you remain within employment.

The people that you are bound to encounter will be more valuable than the directing skills found due to the formation of close relationship bonds. And remember, knowing the right people means you’re more likely to progress at a swift pace in the near future. Going to film school ensures that you may encounter a person who can assist you in film production, making the job you have one day, more in arms reach. Also remember, if you’re closely related to a big name producer, they may well recommend you to take part if they were to leave their job.

When participating in film school, the influence and inspiration of others there will broaden the pupil’s knowledge and understanding, and help them develop a more inspired and productive mind overall. Within a film school, its compulsory to watch films that the pupil may have never desired to seen and study from them over a long period of time to help them grasp the history of film to allow the pupil to produce a richer film when filmmaking for themselves.

Alternating this, the expense of attending a film school is atrocious, the expense paid to attend film education would equal to the amount spent in actually developing a film of your own. As well as paying for film classes, included in the price are non-film related classes, which could be considered a waste of money if the pupil desires a future only motion picture related.


Do you really need all the qualifications and film degrees etc. to become a director or writer?

On the opposing side of having a diploma, having a college film degree doesn’t make a difference when wishing to be a director or writer; in the motion picture industry, a studio executive will not ask or require a diploma making it non-compulsory, irrelevant and merely a waste of time and money. Filmmaking overall doesn’t consist of getting the right grades for the job, in the entertainment industry it’s more about creativity and imagination, the individuals personal strengths and talents and all in all, making sure the job is finalised, a film degree seems to be out of the question.

Overall, alternating the idea of film education, your own film production would save a huge about of expenses and would end up learning more and making profit, rather than becoming in debt for no good reason. Also, half the information learnt at film school or college can be learnt from the books in which they use (which can be bought at local book shops, online, through online courses or on websites which give you the best information to gather all the knowledge needed).


Can creativity be taught in class rooms? Or, for that matter, be taught at all?

Film production being taught in modern day schools is a hard task, however, in the society of today; ‘Show Biz’ is all children seem to want to be involved in these days; whether its music, fashion or films, children all around the world desire to be in the show biz industry. Can there really be an influence on that? Can creativity really be taught? To some, it’s a natural skill that progresses depending on their upbringing or influences by friends.

In classroom teachings, imaginative and creative thinking can be exercised daily and certain behaviours (of teachers or other students) can be of influence. Creativity comes with the person, and therefore can’t be taught, but only exercised; you either are imaginative…or you’re not. Some people find creativity hard and have to work harder, whereas some just are merely born with it. But if exercised, creativity can be made to be more varied by the mind. Everyone can learn how to construct ideas by imitating and modelling the people in the classroom and also, they can learn from past experiences. Film production isn’t just magic…although most of the creativity is taken from influence; the mind alters it to fit your own desire.

Therefore, creativity cannot be taught…but merely just exercised.

Overall, it appears that motion picture schools are a waste of time and money, and all the work could be potentially covered in your own home without the fees, trouble and time. With film being easy and no need for diplomas or degrees, getting started in your home seems like the best suggestion. Personally, I think that experience and who you know is more important than degrees. In conclusion, you are more likely to succeed in the future with evidence and support backing you rather than grades in this kind of industry as everything can be learnt from the comfort of your own home.

Film school is a waste of time and money, and I certainly wouldn’t recommend it.






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